Sunday, June 2, 2013

Team Introduction

Team "GEFION" started to active as sailing team in 2001.
We usually participate in the offhore races. As well as, we enjoyed oversea races.
In JAPAN  We won most tradition offshore races.

Sailing Result (Domestic races)
2005 20th Onahama-Ooarai Race                                  1st     Result
2006 19th Kagoshima Cup Kazan Meguri Race            3rd     Result
2007 30th Zamami Race                                                 1st     Result
2007 36th Awaorori Race                                               2nd     Result   
2008 Hatsushima Uzuki Race                                        1st      Result
2008 58th Oshima Race                                                 1st      Result
2009 Hatsyshima Uzuki Race                                        1st      Result
2011 61st Oshima Race                                                 1st      Result 1 2
2012 50th Koajiro Cup Race                                          1st      Result

Oversea Races
2005 Baltic Yacht Rendezvous in Porto Rotondo, Italy
2007 Miyakojima-Taiwan Race
2008 Baltic Yacht Rendezvous in Porto Rotondo, Italy
2010~2012 Top of the Gulf Regatta in Pattaya, Thai
2010 Kings Cup in Phuket, Thai
2012 China Cup International Regatta in Hong Kong & Shenzhen

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